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Snowkite introlesson

In a three-hour introductory course, you will learn about the sport and how to fly and handle a kite. You will also learn about safety issues and common policies.

Who is this for? Everyone who wishes to get a taste of kiting and feel the power of the wind. We can quarantee that just flying the kite is good fun!

Contents of the course:

  • Safety in kiting: principles, responsibilities and practices
  • How to fly a trainer kite
  • Setting up a depowerable kite and how to use the safety mechanisms
  • How to control and fly a depowerable kite with short lines
  • The self rescue technique - full pack down the kite independentely in all possible situations.

After the introduction, you can take the Basic Course, which gives you the skills to continue flying independently.

Course goal: To build a good foundation on kite control and safety knowledge.

Course fee includes: Kite and harness for the course. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Date ja location: Always agreed in person with the trainer.

Group size: 1-2 students per trained instructor.

Languages: English and Finnish

The minimum age requirement is 12 years.

Difficulty: Course participation does not require previous surfing, downhill skiing or snowboarding skills.

Gear: Weather-appropriate outdoor clothing, drinking water, energy bar or other snacks.

Enquiries: Eero Fuks, 040-7034553

Season: winter